High-Voltage Stackable BMS

The Wattius High-Voltage Stackable BMS is a multiple-interface dual-MCU Battery Management System designed to monitor and manage any kind of lithium batteries up to 1000 Vdc with stacks or segments up to 32 cells.

This hardware-redundant electronic solution has been designed for a commercial stationary energy storage product of a European battery manufacturer. This BMS features all typical battery management functionalities such as cell monitoring and autonomous balancing, automatic protection and SoC and SoH calculations, but also has multiple interfaces like CAN bus, Modbus, Ethernet and USB, all galvanically isolated. It also features compatibility with various types of analog and digital current and power sensors, insulation monitor integration and can drive up to 4 power contactors.

Maximum system voltage

1000 Vdc

Cells per slave


Ext. temperature channels per slave


Slave power supply

Directly from cells (1 mA typical, < 10 uA Sleep Mode)

Master power supply

2,5 W @ 24 Vdc (fused at 4A, including all peripherals)

Interfaces (Galvanically isolated)

3x CAN bus 2.0B

Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

Modbus TCP

USB 2.0

Current sensing (Analog)

Supply voltage: 24Vdc, 5Vdc, +-15Vdc

Signal: 5Vdc, 12Vdc unipolar or bipolar

Current sensing (Digital)

CAN bus 2.0B and 24Vdc


2x power contactor driver @24V with low power mode and feedback

1x precharge driver with feedback

1x discharge driver

Insulation Monitoring

Integration for Insulation Monitoring device such as Bender IR155

Data Logging

Internal EEPROM

microSD up to 8 GB


Battery-based internal real-time clock


2x 24V outputs (0,5 A each)

Master BMS
Slave BMS
USB Configuration Tool