High-Voltage Stackable BMS

The Wattius High-Voltage Stackable BMS is a multiple-interface dual-MCU Battery Management System designed to monitor and manage any kind of lithium batteries up to 1000 Vdc with stacks or segments up to 32 cells. This hardware-redundant electronic solution has been designed for a commercial stationary energy storage product of a European battery manufacturer. This BMS features all typical battery management

RESOLvD H2020 Project

The RESOLvD R&D project is one of the many efforts of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program in order to lead the transition to renewable energy sources. In this case, the focus is on improving the efficiency and hosting capacity of distribution networks, in a context of highly distributed renewable generation. Wattius developed a Battery

INVADE H2020 Project

In the context of european H2020 research and development projects, our client and project partner is responsible of implementing a pilot site to prove the advantages of adding flexibility to the electric distribution grid. This pilot takes place in a secondary substation, which supplies 158 users. A 210 kWh lithium battery was specially developed to