About Wattius

Wattius is a electronic engineering company based in Barcelona specialised in Battery Management solutions. Founded in 2018, we develop and supply  BMS solutions for battery projects and manufacturers.

We develop our own hardware, firmware and software technology in house in order to offer a range of standardised BMS products for easy plug & play integration, as well as a tailor-made specific developments for R&D and industrial projects.

In the current context of upcoming needs of energy and mobility, Wattius provides protection and control embedded electronic solutions for the increasing number of projects and applications of batteries to help accelerate the adoption of energy storage technologies by all kinds of companies and products.


Battery Management System

All batteries require a BMS, an electronic control system that is responsible for its safe operation, as well as extending its battery life and maximising its efficiency:

  • Ensures constant and secure operation: Lithium batteries store large quantities of energy and a BMS keeps all their critical parameters within range (SOA, Safe Operating Area).


  • Optimises and increases efficiency: A good battery management system prolongs the lifetime of batteries with smart charging strategies, autonomous cell balancing and complex State-of-Function estimation algorithms.

Why Wattius

  • High performance: Wattius provides state-of-the-art battery measurement and protection performance as well as ISO26262 and EN50178 compatible design and components.
  • Integration & interfaces: Our BMS technology offers multiple interface options to ease system integration, including CAN, Modbus, Internet and Cloud (AWS IoT), WI-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Scalability: The BMS platform is compatible with small low-voltage batteries to large-scale high-voltage storage solutions.
  • Flexibility and configuration: More than 200 parameters can be adjusted using the wBMS-Toolkit software as well as live data monitoring and data logging analysis
  • Tailor-made projects: Development of specific hardware-software projects.
Wattius Battery Solutions