The free Windows PC monitoring, analysis and configuration tool for Wattius BMS products.

The wBMS-Toolkit is a powerful Windows PC software developed by Wattius free of charge that enables monitoring and analysis of real-time battery data over multiple interfaces, including USB, CAN, Bluetooth, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also provides a tool for configuration of Wattius BMS to fit every battery chemistry, use case and application by tuning more than 200 parameters in a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Monitoring & Live Data

Main tab of the wBMS-Toolkit interface, with real-time status and measurement variables. A first view with the most relevant data is provided, including min, max and average cell measurements, maximum charge and discharge currents, SoC calculation, BMS and power relay status, etc.

Additional detailed views are also available of:

  • Cell data measurements, with all individual cell voltages and temperatures.
  • Input/output, with individual channel status, current consumption and diagnostics.
  • Advanced parameters.

Events & Errors

The wBMS-Toolkit software displays all the events reported by a BMS system, including waring and errors. With the Events tab a list of all the reported events ordered by timestamp can be seen, while the DTC Table tab provides the latest time of activation of each event, which is stored persistently and can be accessed anytime.

In both views the user can filter between informative events, warnings and actual errors. Both activation and deactivation time of any particular event is reported.

Depending on the actual BMS model, the system can report more than 300 different events.


With this software, more than 200 configuration parameters can be set to adapt the BMS to any kind of cell chemistry, battery configuration, system architecture and peripherals. Some of the principal configuration parameters include:

  • Multiple cell voltage set-points, for alarms, warnings, charging strategies, deep-discharge protection, etc.
  • Maximum allowed charge and discharge currents, along with derating profiles with cell voltage, SoC or temperatures.
  • I/O configuration with multiple functionalities, including relays actuation and feedback, start signal, emergency button, status LEDs, interlock, etc.
  • Cell characteristics for SoC and SoH calculation.
  • Battery architecture for systems with multiple series-parallel configurations.

Data Logging & Analysis

Apart from the integrated onboard data logging on each BMS unit (typically with a SD card), the wBMS-Toolkit can log status and measurement variables to a local CSV file while connected to the system through its multiple interface options.

The tool also provides an easy-to-use visualisation and analysis interface with the most common metrics. Users can also access the data with their preferred analysis tool.

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