Wattius offers a Battery Management product portfolio designed for easy customer integration, expanded interface and configuration options and state-of-the-art measurement and protection performance.

Multiple hardware options are available to best suit your battery architecture, all compatible with the wBMS-Toolkit software for monitoring and extended configuration possibilities.

  • Plug and play solution for multiple battery applications.
  • Configuration of >200 parameters using the free wBMS-Toolkit software.
  • Same software platform compatible with multiple hardware models.
  • Top-spec performance across the range, including IEC61000, ISO26262 and EN50178 compatible implementations.


Compact 24-cell Battery Management System

24-cell BMS designed to meet all relevant industry requirements such as the Automotive ISO26262 and reinforced isolation according to EN50178. The wBMS-R24 provides state-of-the-art measurement and protection performance, high accuracy SoC and SoH estimation and onboard diagnostics, all in a compact 150 x 70 mm package.


PC software to monitor and configure Wattius BMS

The wBMS-Toolkit is a free Windows PC software that enables live BMS data monitoring, advanced configuration of over 200 parameters and data logging and analysis. It can be used through the multiple BMS interfaces available, like USB, Bluetooth or CAN.


High-voltage decentralised BMS
The wBMS-MX product lineup combines a Battery Management Unit (BMU) with up to 24 Cell Monitoring Units (CMU12), each capable of up to 12 cell management. The wBMS-MX is designed to provide reinforced isolation according to EN50178 for batteries up to 800V.

Coming in Q4 2022


All-in-One 18-cell Battery Management System

Coming in 2023