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The BMS is the brain of any battery and is responsible for its safe operation, as well as extending its battery life and maximising its efficiency. Our Battery Management solutions provide state-of-the-art battery measurement and protection performance and multiple interface and configuration options to reduce its integration effort to any battery architecture and use case.

From low cell-count low-voltage standalone battery packs up to > 1000 V, multiple string connected batteries, Wattius can provide your best electronic control solution for any scenario.

Explore our catalogue of standardised products for easy plug & play integration or contact us for highly customised BMS projects.

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Standardised products

We offer a range of BMS products ready for direct customer integration, no need of specific development for most battery applications and use cases.

Tailor-made projects

We develop and supply tailor-made hardware and software energy management solutions based on our embedded electronics technology.

About Wattius

Founded in 2018, Wattius is a electronic engineering company based in Barcelona and specialised on Battery Management Systems. We develop and supply  BMS solutions for battery projects and manufacturers.

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