Tailor-made engineering services

Development and supply of client-specific hardware and software embedded solutions based on Wattius BMS technology. From minor modifications of existing BMS products to complete tailor-made systems designed from scratch, we can provide the most optimal solution for R&D projects and specially for series-production highly-integrated products.

Contact us to evaluate your needs and provide the best tailor-made battery management solution.

  • Client-specific hardware and software solutions.
  • Custom communications and interfaces (CAN bus protocols, Cloud integration, wireless, etc.).
  •  Specific safety and functional regulations and directives, including EMC, ISO2626 or IEC61508.
  • Mechanical integration with cells and cell modules.
  • Fine-tuning of SoC, SoH, SoF models.

Smart EMS

Wattius provides a custom-made Energy Management System for a production project. This device handles multiple electrical consumptions through a AWS cloud management platform.

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RESOLvD H2020 Project

Wattius participated in the RESOLvD Horizon 2020 EU project by designing and suppling a bespoke BMS system for a hybrid 240 V battery with custom power electronics and Cloud monitoring interface.

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