High-voltage BMS for stationary energy storage

Wattius has developed a high-voltage decentralised BMS for a European large-format stationary energy storage manufacturer. This tailor-made solution, designed to control and monitor lithium batteries up to 1.000 Vdc, features  a safety redundant dual-MCU architecture, as well as multiple interfaces, including Ethernet to connect to remote Cloud platform.

The decentralised architecture allows monitoring and control of large-format battery systems in different series – parallel configuration. Up to 24 Cell Monitoring Units can be used with a single Master Unit, each capable of 32 cell interface.

The extended interface options, including Modbus, CAN, USB and Ethernet, enables flexible integration in different scenarios, including SCADA systems, EMS, inverters, etc. The Ethernet interface provides remote control and monitoring capabilities through a Cloud-based software platform.

Up to 2021, Wattius has supplied over 2.000 BMS units for this client, monitoring over 5 MWh of deployed battery capacity.

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