Discover the new wBMS-HX family!

We at Wattius are very excited to introduce the latest addition to our off-the-shelf wBMS products, the wBMS-HX. With this new family we aim to provide the best BMS solution for large-capacity high-voltage energy storage systems.

The wBMS-HX is compatible with applications up to 1.500V with reinforced isolation (IEC60664). The wBMS-HX BMU is the first model of the wBMS product line to include an Ethernet interface, compatible with Modbus TCP for local device control, and even cloud connectivity.

These new BMS models complete the Wattius portfolio of off-the-shelf highly-configurable Battery Management solutions. Now with:

  • wBMS-R for low and medium voltage applications.
  • wBMS-MX, compact decentralised BMS for applications up to 800V.
  • wBMS-HX for 1.500V large-capacity energy storage systems.
Go to the wBMS-HX page to get more details of these new products.

Like the rest of the wBMS products, the new wBMS-HX is compatible with our single and free monitoring and configuration software, the wBMS-Toolkit.

The wBMS-HX product family features a BMU along with 12-cell and 16-cell Cell Monitoring Unit options right from launch. These new models are already in production, with units already being supplied to select customers around Europe.

We will be officially presenting the new wBMS-HX, along with the rest of the wBMS product line, next week in Intersolar – EES Europe in Munich. Come and visit us on booth B2.781!

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