Introducing the wBMS-MX

We are glad to announce the latest addition to our standard BMS product lineup, the wBMS-MX. This system is designed for high-voltage battery applications, providing reinforced isolation (according to EN50178).

This solution is composed by the BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit) and CMU12 (Cell Monitoring Unit, for up to 12 cells). Up to 24 CMU12s can be used with a single BMU, allowing systems up to 288 series. Multiple BMUs can be connected in parallel for multi-string battery set-ups, without additional hardware.

Compatible with the wBMS-Toolkit, this BMS can be adjusted to protect any kind of battery and system architecture with over 200 configurable parameters.

The wBMS-MX has already been used by some of our clients in electric mobility and large-scale ESS applications. We now announce the general introduction of this solution, with immediate stock availability.

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