Tailor-made service

The customer-oriented and flexible approach allows Wattius to offer a wide range of possibilities and services. From a one-off solution for an individual need to a custom-made series of a highly customizable, powerful and reliable product along with maintenance services and engineering consultancy.

Wattius also offers a high level of interaction with the client not only at the first steps of requirements definition, but also during the project’s development, to enable a great knowledge transfer, continuous improvement and most importantly a perfectly implemented and integrated solution.

Turnkey focus

Wattius not only offers a custom-made solution, but also the implementation on its final working environment. This way, Wattius is responsible for the setup of the system in its final location, correct communication with the designated Power Electronics and delivery of required performance.

Wattius aims to simplify the integration of battery systems and seeks to turn your energy storage problem into a client-specific solution.